Ahh? You want to know about me? o.o

Well, I have many internet names, and a few of them being Leon, Legion, Moon, and many others, since I like people thinking I’m a boy sometimes. XD.

I live in Asia, and I’m 16 years old currently. I like playing video games, which includes Tales of Destiny, Final Fantasy, and other RPG games. I play fighting games too, but not so much.

My real name, is Gan Mei Ling. I seldom use it as my internet name, but friends call me by Mei or Ah Ling. (Or evil overlord LOL.)

I have a dream which I have been carrying for lots of years now, which is trying to make a world a better place to live in. Not an utopia, but a better place. I understand that it’s hard, and it’s nearly impossible, but at least hopefully we can remember how it feels like to love. (I understand some people will think I’m naive, but before you do, please look at yourself and don’t look at others.)

E-Mail is meiplush [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk. Regardless of how it sounds, I don’t live in the uk, lol.


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