Holy Holy X-Mas Night

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… Like there is snow here… XDDD Oh well, at least there are people who has snow in their countries, which I envy a little. XD I hope those with snow out there would be happy rolling snowballs and building snowmen. ^-^

Anyways, it’s been a while since I wrote something like this. The month of December, huh, one year has already passed.  Feels like the time has been really short, for me… Especially this year. The days go by really fast. O_O Not to mention today I was like “WHAT?! December 14 ALREADY?!”… Yeah, for me it is. I wonder what about you guys.

So, lately, I started to re-learn Japanese again, starting to learn a few piano songs, now trying to memorize CLANNAD’s Second opening… ^^; Oh yes, and also sewing again. And also trying to discuss to my family about my family problems. What family problems? Sorry, but… I cannot say here. D: Oh yes, and I also have been playing a few games (Especially Rune Factory 2. A few people knows how addicted am I in that one game lately.)

And also, about the MMOs I’m playing… Just for fun, I’m just going to tell my current status and thoughts about them. Summarized. ^^;

Legend Ragnarok Online:

Ahh… Yeah, LLRO. One of my first MMOs, really. XDDD And the one game which I first met Strawberry Punch. And the one game which truly made me appreciate Ragnarok Online. But right now, it’s very very lonely there. (It used to be between 500-700 members online back when I was playing. Now it’s only between 200-500) But… geez, some of the good GMs (IMO) left already. Thankfully there are a few GMs which are still good. ^^ Others are… ehh, I don’t know what to say. >_<;  Other than they need to work harder if they want to get the trust of members. Anyways, almost all of my buddy list are pretty much… gone. But still, I didn’t want to leave, because it’s pretty much my home there. I’m just staying there trying to help people and gather money. XDDD The money is there for… I don’t know, I feel like I want to save, in case of some emergency… Well, umm, if there IS an emergency… ^-^;

Saga Ragnarok Online:

The mirror of Legend, and the place where two people I know moved there. The rates there are higher, but still… I feel like Legend is my home, as my reasons already stated above… I really should get back and start leveling a few people there. ^^;;; I have been trying to level up a few of my characters at Legend too much… I should get back to leveling there one of these days, Nii… ^^;


PangYa… such a cute game, and one of my very first MMOs as well as Legend… but sadly, I officially don’t go there anymore. >_<;;; Been visiting there for a month and a half. No one comes online anymore. Maybe it’s because not many people are active at my buddy list or I just have rotton timing. .-.;;; Anyways, I haven’t been playing that for a long, LONG, time. It was such a very nice game, too. If anyone who is still playing PangYa, if you want someone to play with, I’m there. Just don’t expect me to be uber pwnage or anything. @o@


Takes up alot of my disk… plus I guess no one really invites me there and I can’t understand Korean at all, LOL! XD I’m not so good in it, but… it was very fun, even though I get pwned alot. I still remember the times where I lol so much during Beat Up mode that my fingers were already cramped after a few songs… XD Not the game for me, as my hands cramp, I know, but still, it’s fun, even when you’re losing.

Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst (PSOBB) :

Waaah, no one invites me anymore there either… And I went so high in Leveling up all the way to level 100 too… XDDD Even Trip went “OMG LEVEL 100 ALREADY?!”. That make me lol quite a bit. XDDD Oh well, despite the blood (eww), there’s nice fwooshy lightsaber action which makes me happy. Oh well. XD

LaTale (AKA LagTale/LaFail) :

One of the games which some people know that I’m still playing, yet addicted to it~ If you ask me, do you like LaTale? I answer “Yes, I love LaTale. In fact, I enjoy playing it alot.”. However, if you ask me, do you like the company who hosts the game? I answer “No, I hate them.”. The game is, in fact, very interesting, but the fact that OGPlanet (The ones who hosts LaTale). Besides the abysmal drop rates and complainable XP rates, I would say that I enjoy the battle system. Now, about OGPlanet… I’m very dissapointed and starting to lose faith in them.  They’re the kind of company to have their own secrets for whatever reason, it seems. They can’t even fix their most major problem of the game. (Lag.) They fail in managing the game and forum too… I just wish they would be better soon. =/

S4 League:

Fun game, but I stopped. Bad connection speaks for itself. ><;

Trickster Online:

One of the newest games which I played, introduced by Ken (In game name, DemonLordEtna), Trickster Online. It’s a bit like RO, but it’s a bit hard to understand how to play, LOL. I got alot of helping hands, and wow, I don’t really know how to honestly pay them back. ^^; (Yes, them. His friends helped too. O_O) I am playing as a Bunny, who just advanced to Boxer class.  The system is a bit different from RO, but I hope I will get used to it though… although, as usual, all the good things are in cash (Known as MyShop)… Leveling is a bit hard, and I personally wish you can zoom in the camera… *sigh* Oh, and there’s a complaint about this game for me. Drilling. DRILLING. FAILS. HARD. >_<;;;… For me. It’s frustrating just to get the item you want, it’s not funny. D:

Well, that’s all the MMOs I’m playing now. If anything else comes out, maybe I’ll put it in this blog. Maybe. XD

Oh yeah, there’s one more thing I want to put before I finish.

I know there’s a few who hate Tsukihime (I do too. The game anyway. It has Hentai. =/ and it makes most of my favorite characters look… blegh), but this is too fun to pass. Just let me slide this time. >> <<




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DotNuri Memories of Legend Ragnarok Online~

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