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Memories of Legend Ragnarok Online~

Well… I HAD to make a topic like this somewhere, right? XD Well, that, and LLRO was one of the first few MMOs I played. I’ll post most of them here!




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Holy Holy X-Mas Night

… Like there is snow here… XDDD Oh well, at least there are people who has snow in their countries, which I envy a little. XD I hope those with snow out there would be happy rolling snowballs and building snowmen. ^-^

Anyways, it’s been a while since I wrote something like this. The month of December, huh, one year has already passed.  Feels like the time has been really short, for me… Especially this year. The days go by really fast. O_O Not to mention today I was like “WHAT?! December 14 ALREADY?!”… Yeah, for me it is. I wonder what about you guys.

So, lately, I started to re-learn Japanese again, starting to learn a few piano songs, now trying to memorize CLANNAD’s Second opening… ^^; Oh yes, and also sewing again. And also trying to discuss to my family about my family problems. What family problems? Sorry, but… I cannot say here. D: Oh yes, and I also have been playing a few games (Especially Rune Factory 2. A few people knows how addicted am I in that one game lately.)

And also, about the MMOs I’m playing… Just for fun, I’m just going to tell my current status and thoughts about them. Summarized. ^^;


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Most evil world ever.

Oh yeah, WP got a new Dashboard, and it’s already December…

Thanks to you all who still read my blog, whoever you are. XDDD

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