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What does your Name mean?

Something really fun a friend of mine came across, and the results are a bit true (to me) as well. o_o


Here’s mine~



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April rant

Current Mood: Heartache

It’s funny. When you are somewhere like being busy, the days go by slowly like snail. But when you are having fun like enjoying the holidays, it’s over before you know it. That’s what happened to me when I was enjoying myself. Next month, I will be going to college for real, and hopefully I can get something good out of it. But half of the month, I usually just reflect to myself about what I have actually done in my life.


April 20, 2008 at 12:35 pm 2 comments

… Everyone’s so nice to me.

So nice, it HURTS.

I owe them too much things at RO, seriously.

List of things to own them back:

– For helping out leveling with me.
– For slotted Muffler.

– Cards (Khalidiziberg (?) and Raydic)
– For… training. XD;

– There to like, heal when I was a Paladin who doesn’t know Heal. (Yes, I’m a paladin. A very bad one. XD)

– For the grape juice when I ask for some. >O

– For leeching me in Thor.

– For helping level me during my High Swordie/Early Paladin levels.

– I don’t know why, but I got a feeling I should repay him something.

I… think I forgot some, hmm. BUT I SHALL NOT LEAVE ANY DEBT UN-REPAID

EDIT: Nevermind, apparently, I already repaid them back something, but in an unexpected way, although I kind of expected it as well.


Anyways, sorry for the little posts, guys. I have been a bit addicted lately. For RO news, I am soon going to participate in my very first WoE battle, and… to be honest, I’m actually a bit nervous to doing my part right. Sure, all the training helped me a bit, but heck, it’s about one whole army we are dealing with. I don’t have any WoE experience, really. I just hope I’m ready. XD;
Oh yeah, and apparently, I AM going to college after all. (Don’t ask how. I rather not talk about it. ^^; And before you ask, no, it’s not by illegal methods. It’s more of family matters.) College starts in early May. XD

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… Wow.

At first I thought that majority of the people who don’t type good grammar are noobs.

… Boy, I was wrong.

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New Fic Blog!

… Because soon, there will be more fics, and it would just make my blog untidy, LOL!

Anyways, I will no longer post my fics here. Instead, it will be…

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The life of chibileon

Yeah, I really have to sum everything about what my life was about. My diary doesn’t work so much.

If you’re looking for a happy post, this isn’t a happy post.


April 7, 2008 at 5:15 am 4 comments

What I learned from RO

Well, almost everyone knows that I have been an addict at RO recently. Probably mostly because some of my friends, the SP group, usually makes me happy quite alot. :3 True, killing monsters are fun as well, but it’s mostly because friends are there. But 80% of RO requires teamwork to manage through obstacles like monsters.

And that’s why I learned a few lessons from RO. (Of course, I knew them already, they just made me realize this even more.) Well… A few are…

1) Most things couldn’t be done by yourself. In times, you need your friends to stick together, and accomplish them.

2) Things cost money. Friends doesn’t. XD

And speaking of which… I got this dream a few days ago, maybe April 3rd, about the Ragnarok Online group, SP. Yeah, they’re mentioned quite alot around my blog, lol. But yeah, it’s about the whole group, really. ^^ It’s still a faint memory, but it was really sweet.

Well, it started when I was logged on RO, and there was everyone in the SP group on. Rionell, Zee, Cei, Yuu, Robin, and of course, me. I was the latest one to log on to RO, and it looks like everyone didn’t notice that I logged in. And everyone was in guild chat. But no one noticed I was on, and they seem to be something like a serious chat, so I don’t want to disturb them. If I faintly remember, it was something like…
Del: Yeah, I really love you two. ^^

Yuu: Really? I thought of the same as well!

Cei: Me too!

And so the three of them started to talk to each other so happily, it’s so… happy. I didn’t reply anything and just watched. After that, the three decided a meeting spot together. I was very happy then, and just smiled.

Then, I was on at RO again, and the three of them were offline. Robin told me that the three of them got married and they had a baby! I was so happyyyyy. ^^ Zee told me she saw them eating ice cream~

So I thought that they’re like, perfect for each other! =D They still are so romantic together. ^___^


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