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Irony of Fate Translation

Yes, I have been playing Tales of Destiny sometimes, especially since I got Director’s cut now. (YAY!!!) I haven’t finished it yet though, so it is going to take a while for me to play, since I’m also addicted to RO as well.

Anyways, I made the translation for the most tragic yet most favourite scene at the Tales of Destiny game, the part where… something bad happens to Leon.

Link here!


Yes, the game has boy love. I hope you enjoy it. It really breaks my heart.


………… *SHOT!*


For those of you who really want the translation, I’m sorry to dissapoint you. But I’ll try to make it up by giving the REAL translation…


Leon: I know what to do… to stop you all here!
Stahn: Hey, Leon! Hang in there!
Leon: If… this was one on one… I would win…
Stahn: Idiot, why did you do this?!
Chaltier: Don’t criticize Bo chan! He did this to protect Marian!
Dymlos: Chaltier… you…
Leon: You talk too much, Chal.
Stahn: Marian is…
Chaltier: You seen Hugo, right?
Stahn: Dymlos did not know! Leon, you…
Atwight: [something kidnapping Marian something. Will see dictionary later.]
Celemente: And this is the way he chosen.
Leon: Whatever is the reason… I did as I wanted. I would choose the same path, if I choose again.
Stahn: Leon!?

If I have the time, I’ll continue this. ^^;


February 29, 2008 at 1:11 pm 2 comments

Ragnarok Online: Tales of SP!

My gosh, another fic? XD

Yeah, this is a story about the guild that a friend made at Ragnarok Online, SP, or, Strawberry Punch. I like the emblem. Very cute. ^^

And before you all read, I suggest that if you don’t like boys hugging and kissing in the fic, then don’t read. There’s TomoyaxLuke here, which are in Ragnarok online played by Del and Zee.  So… yeah. Back off if don’t like it, and keep your flaming.

Note that this fiction is just made for fun, and not to insult. Thank you.

For: Anyone

Contains Comedy, Drama, and… stuff.

WARNING: A bit of boy love. 

One time, in the very peaceful place of Rune Midgard, in the kingdom of Prontera, there were many people who do the same routine. Slash slash, Magic magic, kill kill, and some people drink Poring juice for breakfast. Yes, that was the life at the world of Rune Midgard, filled with people like that.

But out of these many people, we’re going to look at a few people… Who are… currently being romantic now.


February 26, 2008 at 12:09 pm 5 comments

Family rant + Other stuff

Because I don’t really know a suitable title for this… Aha… ^_^;

Been a while since I wrote anything at my blog. Sorry, but… No funny stuff today. Instead, I am just going to talk about something important now, which is… well, family. Yeah, a topic which is talked alot lately, mostly by people around the young adult and teenager stage, but ovarall, it’s being talked about everyday.


February 23, 2008 at 2:42 pm 3 comments

Ragnarok Online: Shou Aiolos

Okies, so this was inspired back at Sister Zee’s blog so I decided to write one as well~ Besides, Yuu also think it’s a good idea so hey, why not? ^^ So I thought how to fit him in the RO world and such, so… here we go. Sorry if my description stinks, though. LOL.


February 14, 2008 at 9:15 am 4 comments


Phew, just came back from shopping at early morning, to search for stuff. Yesterday, I received word from friend that Tales of Destiny: Director’s Cut is already out in stores. I mean, I was all “How could I miss this? I WANT LEON! O_O” and something like that. So decided to go with family to shopping to get things. Besides, we’re out of shampoo. And soap. =.=;

To keep it short, I didn’t get the tape, but instead I got this cute 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle of Fruits Basket (Although I never watched much). The game was out of stock, sadly. (Lol, I never managed to get the preorder stuff. I WANT THE ILLUSTRATION BOOOOOK TOT!!! Oh well, I’ll find some way to get it… hopefully. :x) I was whining and screaming when I came back, LOL. So I have to wait until it stocks… and hopefully it doesn’t like, get out of stock. Again.


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Past, Present, Future (Emo post)

Because I seperated it so that your Chinese New Year mood won’t get ruined or something. XD;

Anyways, caution. Emo post about my life ahead. Read if you dare to ruin your mood about something, or just laugh away at me. I don’t know. It’s preety emo though. ^^; (more…)

February 7, 2008 at 3:39 am 3 comments

Happy Chinese New Year!~

Happy Chinese New Year to you all!~ Year of the Rat this year~

Wish all of you get a really good year! ^-^

Oh oh. Just a random fact, Valentines is next week. I don’t think I’ll be valentining this year, though. XD;

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