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Happy New Year to you all!!!

Well… Happy New Year to all! Hopefully 2008 will be a good year to all. ^^

… YES I HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO SAY. I’m uncreative. =o=;;;

And… during this new year, I have to start planning for my future. Come to think of it, I hardly had any plans for it… ._. So I won’t be on at Albatross (Pangya) for a while, lol. (Sorry, Deline-Imotou! >o<! Looks like the dragon slaying would have to wait. ^o^;)

(But I’ll be back, and Leggie, Zexy, you and me (Niaro maybe? XD) can go slay dragons together soon. <3)

EDIT: Uhh… nevermind. I got it all sorted out. *nod* XD;


December 31, 2007 at 1:53 pm 5 comments

Well… Almost to New Year.

Here, it’s already December 30… Hmm. How fast time pass by. o.o

Anyways, nothing really random today, for those who have been tracking down and looking at this little thing, I appreciate it. ^^

But hmm, back to the entry. Yes, it’s almost to New Year, and it’s almost going to be start of a new year, with full of happy moments, as well as sad moments. Of course there’s sad moments, lol. Our lives isn’t always filled with happiness, after all. ^^; But well, life is about moving forward and all. :3;

Although, during this point of time, I would try to write my past mistakes in this year in a note pad and try to find ways to not repeat the same mistake not just for me, but also for people around. ^^;

Oh, and what I was doing, well… recently, just started on a new online game called Albatros 18 (PangYa) and it’s really cute. ^o^ Of course, I’m still a bit of a n00b, hahaha. (Can’t count the number of O.Bs and Water Hazards I got. ^^; )

And I will also be making anime reviews in the blog soon. well, that is, if I know what show will I plan to review soon and what to write. Ahaha… XD

P.S: Don’t know if this is related, but… lately my friends have been saying I have been a bit more girly than before. I wonder if that’s true. o_o

December 30, 2007 at 2:40 am 3 comments

Christmas! (And about Santa.)

Yesh, it’s Christmas, where it’s a very important day, and Santa is at the sky going ho ho ho, stealing your cookies. >3

He’s evil. EVIIILLL. D:

Since the beginning of the year, he looks at us if we’re good or bad, and if we’re bad, he gives us coal. That’s because coal is for bad people, and can be used for evil purposes like throwing it at people and burning it in the air to make acid rain. >O

But! It’s better than nothing, right!? If you received coal, I recommend you NOT to do the evil stuff, and keep it. Why? Because…

1) It’s from the north Pole, and coal is hard to find there, so that makes it coal from where Santa lives.

2) It’s from Santa.

3) For memories. ^^


Okay, so anyways, I just came back from dinner and such, and we talked alot, lol. My family usually don’t really celebrate Christmas, but lol, people wanted to come over so… well. ^^;

Brother having fun with friends’ kids who came over and such, and we talked, until it was time to open presents. I gave some presents to my family, and I gave some money to the little kids. (I don’t know what they like! O_O; )

So anyways, I didn’t get anything much. Just some money, a super cute panda shirt (>w<!!! ❤ THANK YOUUU~), Tales of Destiny, FF and TYPE MOON pictures online (Didn’t I get some for my birthday too? =D; ), a color pencil drawing drawn by brother (^_^), and lots of hugs online too, LOL. <333

Classmates told me they have their presents to give to me on the phone too… Though, not many called me, since half of them were like… studying overseas. D:

Well, uhh. That’s all!

… *still lost at Word Press Mod options* *navigates around and falls into a trap hole* D:


ITZ SANTA!!!!!!! =D

Picture shown by friend on MSN. I swear, this is so cute, I just had to save this. O_O

EDIT: Yes, I indeed have more presents than that but…  eh, I’m lazy. XD *RUN*

December 25, 2007 at 2:25 pm 5 comments

Oh no, BLOG D:





*bzzzzz* *SHOT*

Alright, alright. Anyways, my name is teh Chibi Leon, and… I’m new to this blogging business, lol. I usually share thoughts with classmates, friends, online friends, and stuff, but maybe it’s time I get a blog, lol.


December 25, 2007 at 5:56 am 3 comments

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